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Our investor colleagues count on us to present to them the highest potential life science investments the southeastern United States has to offer. 


“By attending AdvanSE, I get to meet some of the leading entrepreneurs and interesting companies in the Southeast.  AdvanSE offers exclusive opportunities to network with other investors and strategics and is the one-stop shop for innovation in the region.” – Kyp Sirinakis, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Epidarex Capital


Thanks to the focused, dedicated work of our selection committee, we proudly share with you the roster of PitchRounds at #AdvanSE2022 presenting companies. New for the 2022 edition, Keiretsu Forum’s Mid-Atlantic and South-East regions have committed to providing pitch opportunities to both regions for the winners of the PitchRounds competition.


These companies represent the southeastern United States’ most promising innovative life science companies – from startups seeking milestone-based funding at six figure levels from venture capital firms, corporate venture arms, family offices, and angel groups to more mature companies with institutional investors on board seeking future rounds at $1MM to $15MM plus.


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Meet the PitchRounds at AdvanSE2022 Presenting Companies

Altis Biosystems, Durham, NC,

Altis Biosystems is a biotechnology company that has commercialized a human stem cell platform, which accurately replicates the intestinal epithelium. It enables high-throughput compound screening and microbiome research for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Our goal is to reduce the time and cost of drug discovery and reduce the need for animal testing. Altis provides contract research services and sells its platform as a kit to customers.

Annoviant, Alpharetta, GA and Greenville, SC,

Annoviant is on the leading edge of healthcare innovation. Our solutions are centered around addressing the unmet needs of the patient and provider. With over 150 years of combined industry experience, we develop breakthrough technologies that are designed to improve quality of life. Our team is comprised of a diverse group of professionals who share an unrelenting commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of new ways to improve the lives of those we serve.

Annoviant’s patented TxGuard™ portfolio of decellularized tissue-based scaffolds are used in a wide range of tissue repair applications and significantly reduces healthcare costs while improving patient outcomes by eliminating the need for repeat surgeries.

APIE Therapeutics, Raleigh-Durham, NC

APIE Therapeutics is a start-up BioPharma pioneering an anti-fibrotic small molecule platform.  APIE has a portfolio of novel compounds that selectively target APJ G-coupled receptor signaling pathway to promote repair and regeneration of the vascular endothelium niche, precursor of many chronic and fibrotic diseases.  APIE entered an exclusive worldwide rights license agreement with well-known Research Triangle Institute of highly potent and selective Apelin/APJ agonists. APIE’s initial APT101 clinical candidate is being develop for Systemic Scleroderma (SSc), a rare autoimmune disease  characterized by vascular endothelium alterations in single or multi-organ that leads to fibrosis and organ failure. APT101 has demonstrated significant therapeutic effect in lung fibrosis, which is the major cause of early death in SSc patients.  Moreover, APT101 has the potential to address multi-organ SSc disease progression to change the disease course and survival of SSc patients.  APIE Management Team have come together in pursue of bringing innovative treatments to patients in need.

Aravis BioTech, Clemson, SC

Aravis develops orthopedic devices with integrated X-ray Visualized Implanted Sensors (X-VIS) which help physicians manage fracture care and avoid catastrophic complications by quantitatively tracking fracture healing and detecting local infection biomarkers.

Cambium Medical Technologies, Atlanta, GA http://www.cambiumbio.com/  

Dry eye (keratoconjunctivitis sicca) is the #1 disease in eye care. Approximately 30M in the US have been diagnosed with the disease. There is no cure. All therapeutics today focus on symptoms relief. Most not well. Why? Most contain single drugs targeting single causes/consequences of the disease. Dry eye however is not single, or simple. Dry eye is a complex multi-factorial disease with multiple etiologies. Take-away? The need/opportunity for safe, better tolerated, more efficacious therapeutics, especially among chronic patients—remains high. Cambium’s Elate Ocular® biologic demonstrated exceptional safety, tolerability and symptoms relief among severe dry eye patients in a Phase I/II study. Cambium has regulatory approval to start Phase III studies on Elate Ocular® to begin following close of a $20M Series B financing. Cambium is attending AdvanSE 2022 to attract Series B investors. Finally, as is common in eye care, an investor exit is anticipated following studies completion.


Caretaker Medical, Charlottesville, VA https://caretakermedical.net 

Caretaker Medical has developed the World’s Only FDA-Cleared Wireless Wearable patient monitor for Continuous “Beat by Beat” Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (“CNIBP”), Cardiac Output, Stroke Volume, and advanced Hemodynamics parameters. Using Patented Pulse WaveForm Analysis AI and algorithms, the VitalStream™ Finger-Sensor wirelessly measures realtime patient hemodynamic information for display on our tablet app, secure internet cloud portal, and OEM monitoring platforms. Purpose built for wireless, ICU-grade remote patient monitoring free of invasive catheters, wires, and electrodes; the VitalStream® monitor is an non-invasive alternative to traditional invasive arterial catheters in ICU and surgery centers and eliminates dangerous “Blind Spots” between intermittent “spot-check” vital sign monitors at all points of care while untethering patients from bedside monitors for full mobility monitoring. VitalStream® also provides remote/home patient monitoring with the simplicity of a preconfigured tablet, streaming data to secure web portals where data analytics may ultimately provide predictive health warnings.

DeoBioSciences, Atlanta, GA https://www.deobiosciences.com/  

DeoBioSciences is a preclinical/startup stage biotech developing a therapeutic biologic for a broad range of advanced/metastatic carcinoma types in people and their pets. DBX-31 is based on a naturally sourced compound, identified and discovered through bioprospecting leads. It is being reverse engineered into a commercially viable form for clinical evaluation based on anecdotal reports and corroborating studies involving probable molecular analogues. So far, preclinical studies, conducted at Cornell University, have corroborated and met all predictions for safety and performance. Specifically, we induced high index apoptosis in 100% of advanced stage cancer cell lines that we tested, via receptor-mediated apoptosis, including some of the toughest, most treatment resistant cancer profiles known to science – without harming normal cells. We are seeking capital to test DBX-31 in patient-derived xenograft (PDX) mice models. PDX models mimic biological activity in humans and predict clinical performance with 90% to 99% predictive reliability.

Diatech Diabetes, Memphis, TN

GlycoPath, Charleston, SC

GlycoPath is an early stage biotech company dedicated to developing and commercializing new approaches to diagnose and prevent the recurrence of cancer and infectious diseases by exploiting its unique mass spectrometry imaging platform technology. The proprietary GlycoTyper is designed to classify how the glycans, or sugar code on proteins, change during the development of cancer. For decades, the role of glycans and glycoproteins have been evaluated in cancer. Through extensive studies focused on elucidating the biological functions of glycosylation, researchers have been able to implicate alterations in these functions to tumor formation and metastasis. Although this has been studied for many years, the clinical relevance of these studies has been limited due to a lack of clinical assays. The GlycoTyper assay was developed to directly address the need for a more high-throughput method for protein-specific glycan analysis from biological samples.

Heartbeat Technologies, Charleston, SC

Heartbeat Technologies was founded by surgeons at the Medical University of South Carolina to improve the dismal patient outcomes from cardiac arrest (90% fatal). Heartbeat Technologies developed the SAVER, a patent-protected CPR adjunct that improves blood flow to the heart and brain while providing real-time feedback on the quality of chest compressions. The SAVER can be used by healthcare professionals and civilians alike and will be stocked/sold wherever you find AEDs currently.

InfraredRX, Athens, GA

InfraredRx, Inc. is a biotechnology start-up that develops non-invasive wearables and software that assess mitochondrial health and function. We have developed a suite of diagnostic tests that can bring great value to patients, healthcare providers, researchers, and insurance companies. Our mission is to help people live healthier and more active lives by providing them with accessible tools that help evaluate muscle health.

Innatrix, Durham, NC

Innatrix is committed to developing long term eco-friendly biological products to control untreatable crop pathogens, by using patented protein evolution and RNAi technologies. We are building a peptide platform, allowing the development of different spraying and seed treatment products against a broad range of crop damaging pathogens, pests, and weeds. Our first applications will be peptide products to control soybean cyst nematode, late blight and citrus greening, each of which is causing at least $1 billion losses for their crops.

InpharmD, Atlanta, GA

Doctors ask drug questions. We use AI with pharmacists in the loop to respond with custom, evidence based information, so they can make better treatment decisions.

InSoma Bio, Durham, NC

InSoma Bio is striving to build breast implants, personalized lumpectomy molds, and repair other soft tissue defects using a person’s own tissue without the need for major reconstructive surgery. To do this, we have developed an injectable gel that allows plastic surgeons to reliably build new tissue using a patient’s own fat. We have inspiring efficacy data coupled with a substantially de-risked safety profile guiding us to the next stages of company and product development. We are raising capital to drive us through our first-in-human clinical trials, a key value inflection point for partnerships that also opens up platform use of our developing suite of products.

Lineus Medical, Fayetteville, AR

Lineus Medical is a medical device company solving vascular access issues for nurses and patients through the development of innovative infusion therapy products. The company’s first product, SafeBreak Vascular, received De Novo clearance from the FDA on May 27, 2021. SafeBreak is a break-away connector designed to separate when a harmful force is placed on the IV line. This device was shown to reduce overall IV complications requiring an IV restart by 44% in a randomized controlled trial. Lineus Medical has 41 independent and direct sales representatives in the United States. The company is conducting a $4.5M Series C funding round to scale its direct sales organization and to expand international distribution opportunities.

Liquet Medical, Charlottesville, VA

Liquet Medical’s mission is to transform the way Venous disease is treated through localized drug delivery, emphasizing patient outcomes and healthcare sustainability. The company’s first product, the Versus™ endovascular catheter, is designed to improve the treatment of Pulmonary Embolism by providing physicians with continuous real-time biometrics through an intelligent catheter-directed system.

Luminelle, Raleigh, NC

LUMINELLE® is a Femtech startup dedicated to solving the issues of female Uterine and Urological Health. Leveraging our visualization (endoscopic) system, we focus on detection and diagnosis of uterine cancer, bladder cancers, other uterine diseases and potentially rectal cancers. With our simplified, cost-effective and customizable system, physicians can treat patients easily and comfortably in their office. The LUMINELLE SUSTAINE System includes a simple, reusable endoscope, HD optics and advanced visual processing.  The system is paired with a portfolio of Single-Use 360° RotoSheaths for diagnostic and operative procedures. The cornerstone is the proprietary LUMINELLE Bx (Biopsy) RotoSheath. LUMINELLE Bx is the first and only device that allows physicians to easily and quickly diagnose uterine cancer with accurate visualization and adequate sampling. This can replace the >4MM blind biopsies completed annually with a>40% failure rate, over $12B in healthcare treatment costs, and a mortality rate of >20%.

MetasTx, Athens, GA

MetasTx, LLC is developing a pipeline of novel cancer agents targeted at specific solid tumors to treat and prevent cancer cell metastases to extend and improve the Quality of Life for patients with cancer. The MetasTx platform is based upon research, including important discoveries by the co- Founder and CSO, Somanath Shenoy, demonstrating that PAK-1 is important for cancer cell mesenchymal epithelial transformation (MET), which enables cancer cell motility and metastasis. Our initial therapeutic target is prostate cancer (PCa). Shenoy and Brian Cummings, co-Founder and CTO, have demonstrated that IPA-3 inhibits Pak-1 and a liposomal formation of IPA-3 (MTX-101) reduces PCa cell growth and inhibits PCa metastases to lung and restores PCa induced bone resorption. MetasTx will focus on discovery, development, and early-stage clinical trials (FIH; Phase 1 / 2). We intend to conduct late stage (Phase 3) clinical trials through strategic partnerships, and to commercialize through strategic partners, or licensors.

MicroBaric Oxygen Systems, Longboat Key, FL

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has a worldwide prevalence of over 47M people. Every year 1 in 54 children are diagnosed with ASD. Families with autistic children are faced with significant emotional, physical and financial challenges. The impact to healthcare systems is also immense with some estimates putting the lifetime cost between $2.4M to $3.2M per afflicted individual. Yet despite this rapid growth in ASD, an intervention which consistently and comprehensively addresses the spectrum of needs has not been available until now. MBOS’s NEMO (Neurological Enhancement through Managed Oxygen) Platform is the solution. NEMO is a physical platform and treatment process which is easy to use, low risk, adaptable and affordable. The use of concentrated oxygen has been prevalent for decades treating respiratory issues. NEMO treatments use similar principals and can also be administered in the home or suitable non-clinical settings with minimal training. Our pilot studies using these treatments have demonstrated consistent and permanent improvement in the behavior and functioning of all patients.

Moonlight Therapeutics, Atlanta, GA

Moonlight Therapeutics (Moonlight) is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company developing allergen immunotherapies for food allergy. The lead program is for treatment of peanut allergy. The treatment uses a Moonlight’s platform to deliver the therapy through the skin. Moonlight has a worldwide exclusive license to IP for this platform and has received patents from the USPTO for treating peanut allergy. Moonlight has completed a pre-IND meeting with the FDA and gained guidance on pre-clinical and clinical development. All necessary pre-clinical studies are complete and we are preparing to submit an IND for a clinical trial in peanut allergic children. Moonlight is raising funding for this trial.  

Nanochon, Burke, VA

Nanochon’s Chondrograft™ device is a sturdy medical advancement that is one part orthopedic load-bearing implant, one part tissue growth scaffold, and completely revolutionary. Our implant replaces lost or damaged cartilage and encourages new growth using innovative nanomaterial and 3-D printed designs. This technology has the potential to provide a more successful, faster, longer-lasting, and more affordable solution to joint disease and injury.

Nephrodite, Atlanta, GA,

At Nephrodite, we envision a world where dialysis doesn’t mean stopping your life. We are developing HollyTM, a combined implantable and wearable device that represents a change in the way End-Stage Renal Disease and dialysis care is delivered. As a true kidney replacement solution, one of the greatest attributes of HollyTM is returning autonomy to patients. With continuous clearance of toxins and water exchange, HollyTM eliminates the need for ‘in-center’ hemodialysis, reduces the immobility required for home and peritoneal dialysis and improves health over standard intermittent dialysis. Our device will offer mobility and independence to patients enjoying freedom to do as they choose with their time. We envision a day when patients no longer have to sit in chair tethered to a machine, either at home or a center. We envision a day, when patients will feel energized, empowered and free. 

NeuraStasis, Houston, TX

NeuraStasis is developing the “AED for Stroke” – a noninvasive, electrical stimulation device to preserve the brain during stroke and to protect patients from a lifetime of disability. In stroke, time is brain. Sadly, less than 20% of current stroke patients reach treatment in time. Newer treatments can be performed 24 hours after a stroke but only if the damage has not grown too large. NeuraStasis is developing an adjunctive treatment that can help bridge care during those precious moments. Using non-invasive electrical neuromodulation, NeuraStasis augments neuronal function acutely to slow down damage – placing neural tissue into stasis. NeuraStasis has collected promising data in healthy humans and is planning a pilot clinical trial to begin within 2022.

OneFul Health, RTP, NC

OneFul Health addresses major problems of the large, growing chronic disease market using scalable, patented technologies and a disruptive regulatory plan. Access online, we provide affordable, high-quality chronic treatments, turning daily 3-7 pills into one small capsule or gel packet. We use technology and the latest science to make your medicine work better for you.

OXOS Medical, Atlanta, GA

OXOS Medical empowers every provider with the capability, clarity, and confidence to make accurate decisions at the point of care. OXOS offers a suite of connected radiographic instruments that allow users to capture health data with minimal training, integrating directly into OXOS’s cloud-based, telehealth delivery platform. We enable anyone anywhere to access radiologic diagnostics at the point of care, expanding availability and changing the way healthcare is delivered.

Perfusion Medical, Richmond, VA

Perfusion Medical is commercializing PEG-20k/8k, an IV solution invented at Virginia Commonwealth University. The solution restores oxygen tissue delivery in patients who have lost blood (e.g. hemorrhagic shock, ischemic reperfusion injury) or are undergoing procedures where the blood supply is diminished. In large animal trials, the solution worked 10 to 20 times better than current standards of care dramatically increasing survival rates. The solution is pre-clinical and PEG-20k/8k is protected by 4 issued patents and multiple international applications.  PEG-20k/8k may be the most dramatic breakthrough in trauma and critical care in decades, could help millions of patients and generate 4 billion dollars a year in sales or more. PEG-20k/8k has been developed at Virginia Commonwealth University over the past decade with $12 million in support from US Army MRDC.

PERSOWN, Inc., Jacksonville, FL

PERSOWN’s goal is to bring affordable, rapid testing and a full suite of personal health technologies to more than a billion underserved families around the world. Now more than ever, the world needs rapid, reliable, low-cost, and portable diagnostics. We’re developing an ultra-accurate, low-cost test strip and reader to deliver lab-quality diagnostic results in seconds for infectious diseases like COVID-19 and Tuberculosis, heart attacks, cancers, brain injuries, and much more. PERSOWN has partnered with the global leader in analytics, SAS. With powerful SAS artificial intelligence, visual analytic and data management software, PERSOWN will be able to effectively mine diagnostic data to uncover infection trends and visualize disease hot spots to better monitor and predict outbreaks. These early insights will help governments and health organizations implement practices that reduce disease spread, mitigate impact, and create early interventions. Dr. Robert Redfield, Former CDC Director, has joined PERSOWN as its Senior Medical Advisor.

PhotoniCare, Durham, NC

PhotoniCare has developed a first-in-class, FDA cleared tool to directly visualize the middle ear without surgery. This enables clinicians in primary care and ENT settings to immediately and accurately determine presence of fluid in the middle ear and type of fluid to drive appropriate treatment of ear infections. Ear infections are the leading cause of surgeries, antibiotic use, and hearing loss in children, and otoscopy, the current standard of care, misdiagnoses them half of the time. PhotoniCare’s OtoSight Middle Ear Scope drives quality care and patient/parent satisfaction, while also providing a new revenue stream to clinicians using the device.

Plakous Therapeutics, Winston-Salem, NC

Plakous Therapeutics has developed a patented, platform biotherapeutic to prevent the rare pediatric disease, Necrotizing Enterocolitis and a follow-on indication for Osteoarthritis.  We have generated compelling preclinical data for both conditions, but the unmet medical need and the regulatory efficiencies of NEC as a rare pediatric disease have led us to prioritize the NEC development effort.   NEC afflicts roughly 6% of the 50,000 babies born annually in the U.S weighing less than 3lbs. and carries a 30% mortality rate. Further, NEC consumes $8.0B in overall healthcare costs, including 20% of annual NICU expenditures.  Our Founder and Management team have prior successful start-up experience.  We have been awarded a $1.72M NIH grant and have received rare pediatric disease and orphan drug designations from the FDA. We are currently raising $10.0M to complete IND enabling studies and enter clinical trials.

Rymedi, Greenville, SC

Rymedi provides a cloud platform for improving the patient-provider experience across health services. Digital workflows and data management automation streamline logistics, coordination and compliance across diagnostic testing, treatment delivery and patient monitoring. The platform cuts service provider costs and enables client revenue growth with simpler, flexible provision of services around patient needs.

SOMAVAC Medical Solutions, Memphis, TN

SOMAVAC® is an early revenue stage medtech company developing solutions to improve post-operative care from OR to clinic. The flagship product, SOMAVAC® SVS, is focused on effective removal, compassionate collection/disposal, and analysis of fluids that naturally develop and accumulate after general and plastic surgery flaps while delivering negative pressure therapy within the surgical site. Early clinical evidence shows a 5-day reduction in time to drain removal in mastectomy patients with SOMAVAC®. Company is launching its technology to Southeastern US and continuing to grow its pipeline of products.

Soundpipe, Charlottesville, VA

SoundPipe’s mission is to bring ultrasonic drug delivery to the clinic for safer and more effective therapies. Our first product is designed to treat critical limb ischemia, the most severe form of peripheral arterial disease. Each year in the United States, 600,000 patients are diagnosed with critical limb ischemia, and they undergo 150,000 amputations. Penello, SoundPipe’s first product, is an innovative intravascular drug delivery system that efficiently directs and enhances drug delivery. An ultrasound catheter is combined with drug-loaded microbubbles (microscopic lipid-shelled gas bubbles) to control dose and spatial coverage by “painting” the vessel with drug. Based on procedures currently being performed, Penello has a potential $1 billion treatment market for critical limb ischemia patients in the US. After addressing this unmet need, we will expand into other indications. A Penello prototype is being studied in animal models and has demonstrated a therapeutic effect using 97% less drug than existing platforms.

TendoNova, Norcross (Atlanta), GA

TendoNova’s Ocelot™ system is a medical technology for treating chronic tendon pain that promises improved clinical outcomes, decreased cost of care, improved patient experience, and improved physician experience. Its elements are a reusable, rechargeable, hand-held device; a single-use disposable component; and a method for providing digitized data as real-time feedback with data capture and analytics.

Trace Orthopedics, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Trace Orthopedics, LLC is a pre-revenue research, development, and commercialization medical device company, located in Philadelphia, PA, with a focus on image-guided percutaneous reattachment of partially torn tendons. FDA 510(k) eligible and patented minimally invasive tendon fixation fasteners developed by Trace Orthopedics will shift the paradigm for treatment of partial tears by bringing the procedure out of the OR. Existing reimbursement pathway addresses a $2.4B serviceable partial tendon tear market in the US with additional revenue streams from arthroscopic adjunctive procedures and veterinary use. As soon as FDA 510(k) clearance and IP protection are completed, Trace will focus on its first indication of use: repair of partial tear of gluteus medius at the hip. With product improvements and expanding the indications to groin, elbow, shoulder and beyond, the objective is to position for exit upon reaching market driven stage gates.

Tymanpogen, Richmond, VA

Tympanogen is a medical device company that provides ear, nose, and throat surgeons (ENTs) efficiency in their practice alongside exceptional care. We do this through thoughtfully designed solutions that fit seamlessly into existing clinical workflows. We develop, manufacture, and market medical devices based on our proprietary gel technology. Our first product, Perf-Fix Otologic Gel Patch, replaces a 2-hour eardrum repair surgery with a 10-minute clinic procedure having the same high success rates. Perf-Fix is for the thousands of patients who undergo surgical eardrum repair following middle ear infection treatment. Perf-Fix will also be the only eardrum repair product with a pediatric indication, making it the only device that can be marketed for the largest patient segment. By moving eardrum repair out of the operating room and into the clinic, ENTs have more operative time for higher-margin surgeries and can increase clinic profitability through increased patient volume.

Yaya Scientific, Nashville, TN

Yaya Scientific, LLC develops innovative diagnostic and therapeutic integrated hardware solutions in the area of real-time surgical imaging, leading to more precise procedures with better outcomes for patients. We are a minority owned company formed in 2019 that has formed a close partnership with investigators at Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center. We are uniquely positioned to engage with physicians who encounter clinical challenges in the operating room that require technical solutions and are able to leverage our R&D resources and partnership with investigators in the school of engineering to develop novel solutions.