According to industry sources and confirmed by Crunchbase, PR Newswire and Silverwood Partners, two PitchRounds at Southeast Life Sciences (or SEMDA) alumni recently raised seven and eight figure funding rounds.

Acclinate, a PitchRounds 2020 presenting company, raised $4.9 million for its endeavors to achieve diversity in clinical trials, while Embody, a two-time PitchRounds presenting company (2018 and 2020) raised $10.4 million.

Jeff Conroy, Founder & CEO, Embody (Image credit: Embody)

From PR Newswire, “Embody, Inc., a privately-held medical device company focused on soft tissue healing, announced today that it closed a $10.4 million Series C funding round led by Genesis Innovation Group’s cultivate(MD) Capital Funds LP. The financing will enable Embody to expand its world-class operations, post-market clinical studies of the recently launched Tapestry RC System for rotator cuff and prepare for the commercial launch of ActivBraid™ high-strength collagen-based suture technology in 2023.

“This financing represents a notable step in the continued growth of Embody,” said Jeff Conroy, Embody’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We are thrilled to have the continued support of our highly seasoned investor base, further illustrating the opportunity and need of our soft tissue healing technology portfolio.”

Acclinate, Silverwood Partners briefly reported, …raised $4.9 million of venture funding from undisclosed investors on October 19, 2022. The company is a developer of a digital health analytics platform designed to assist biopharmaceutical research organizations in increasing the representation and diversity of their genomic research and clinical trials.”

Crunchbase’s profile of Acclinate appears to confirm the recent transaction.

Scott McCarty

“One of Southeast Life Science’s core missions is to introduce investors, including large strategic enterprises that frequently innovate through acquisition, to their next investable opportunities,” said SLS Co-Chair and Silicon Valley Bank Director Scott McCarty. “While we certainly can’t take too much credit for these funding rounds, we are always proud to see PitchRounds presenting companies follow on their participation with funding rounds like these.

“The southeastern United States has all of the elements needed for high value life science innovation and investment.”