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Life Science Innovation


in the Southeastern United States

Life science innovation that results in successful commercialization of new drugs, therapies, vaccines and technologies that have a value based impact on patient care is not for the faint of heart.

It also takes a sizable, diverse village.

The Southeast United States has all of the resources needed for, and a proven track record of, life science innovation from its infancy through development, testing, regulatory submission, entry to patient care, growth — and in some cases very high value acquisitions.

The Southeastern United States has the technical talent, clinicians, patients, connectors, collaborators, quality of life and lifestyle that creates a critical mass for efficient life science innovation and commercialization.

An abundance of life science innovation resources


The Regional Bios

SCBIO, Life Science Tennessee, Georgia Bio and others —

along with organizations like Southeast Life Sciences keeps the community connected for opportunity.

Incubators and Accelerators

Like Global Center for Medical Innovation (GCMI), Atlanta Technology Development Center (ATDC), The Innovation Depot, ZeroTo510, Hudson Alpha, and NC Biotechnology Center —

among others throughout the region help promising life science innovators fail fast or reach their next milestone in a capital efficient way.

Qualified Solution Providers

Including legal / IP, regulatory guidance, tech transfer offices, design and development experts, accredited preclinical testing and training facilities and staff —

are all present within easy reach for life science innovators of all shapes and sizes here.

The Universities

From the Georgia Department of Economic Development, “The state’s research universities – which generate more than $2 billion a year in public and private R&D funding – work closely together. That’s largely because of the Georgia Research Alliance (GRA), which expands research lab capacity (in talent and technology). Since its founding in 1990, GRA has become the national model for university research collaboration and public-private investment.”

Further, “Georgia ranks 2nd in the nation for the share of its universities’ research that is funded by industry (10.6%), a reflection of the close ties between academic research and industrial innovation in Georgia. Home to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), American Cancer Society, and other major centers of health care research.”

Why the Southeast for Life Science Innovation and Investment?

Boston, San Diego, the Bay Area and other locales where life science innovation currently thrives is due in large part to their hefty pools of investors. While the Southeast has work to do to catch up in capital investments in the life sciences outside of health IT (where Atlanta leads), the volume of investors and the quantity of dollars being invested in the life sciences is growing and is likely to continue to do so.

investor partnership

How we help

Southeast Life Sciences envisions a world-class ecosystem for life sciences in the southeast. We cultivate, convene, and connect the Southeast entrepreneurial ecosystem to foster life science innovation and investment across the region.

In more detail, we’re the hub, we’re the network that brings all southern life science innovation together in one place:

For Investors & Strategics —

We bring your next, de-risked investable opportunity

For Young Companies —

We introduce you to your investors and potential partners

For Solution Providers —

We bring your next clients

We pair innovators and entrepreneurs with the right investment partners at all stages on the commercialization pathway, acquisition or exit. We provide easy access to qualified experts on life science innovation from concept to commercialization including business strategy, design and development, reimbursement, regulatory, intellectual property, marketing, preclinical and beyond. 

AdvanSE is the organization’s annual flagship conference. 


Three weeks before the 2015 conference, SweetBio wasn’t even incorporated. Six months later, Innova and MB Venture Partners co-led a significant seed round to support FDA 510(k) clearance of our honey-incorporated advanced wound care product. From that first conference, gaining insights and feedback from Randy Scott, David Huizenga, Chris Hooper, and others helped shape our company. From investor insights to introductions to industry advisors and fellow peers, this event has us coming back year after year.

Kayla Rodriguez Graff, Co-Founder and CEO

— SweetBIo


“By attending AdvanSE, I get to meet some of the leading entrepreneurs and interesting companies in the Southeast.  AdvanSE offers exclusive opportunities to network with other investors and strategics and is the one-stop shop for innovation in the region.”

Kyp Sirinakis, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

— Epidarex Capital


“This conference provided us an incredible opportunity to connect with a large number of diverse life science professionals, which is not always easy to do for life science companies headquartered in the heartland. The exposure to investors and collaborators was instrumental to our early stage company.”

Vance Clement, CEO

— Lineus Medical, Pitchrounds participant 2019 and 2021


“HealthQuest partners are active participants in reviewing early stage businesses and investing across the healthcare spectrum – including medical devices, healthcare information technologies, diagnostics, novel delivery systems that improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. We find PitchRounds an early preview of companies that are rapidly growing and might become opportunities for investing as they seek growth capital.”

Tom Callaway, Venture Partner

— HealthQuest Capital


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