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JUNE 24, 2021

Allyson Bower-Willner, Marketing Director, Mölnlycke

Deanne Kasim – Executive Leader: Health Technology, Policy, Strategy and Market Analytics

This past year has challenged healthcare leaders in every aspect of the industry, yet it has also highlighted what defines good leadership in chaotic and changing environments. The pandemic put a spotlight not only on the many areas where the healthcare industry needs to improve, but also on the need for diversity, equity and inclusion in many facets of the industry including leadership at all levels. Building on this current industry landscape and opportunity, this session will discuss:

  • Lessons learned in navigating fields that have been traditionally male dominated, including development of formal and informal mentor/mentee relationships, and the importance of “champions”
  • Why today represents a pivotal point in time for women leaders and how we can leverage opportunity to get to the leadership table, including building and nurturing our own professional networks

External resources for developing leadership skills and opportunities for our own and our team’s paths.

Recent data suggests female CEOs and representatives on the boards of biotech companies remains shockingly low.  A recent NASDAQ proposal presses companies to increase representation of women and minorities on boards of listed companies.  What can we do within the biotech sector to help drive this change to our ecosystem?  


  • Tiffany Wilson, MBA (Moderator). CEO, Science Center, Philadelphia PA
  • Valerie Darling. CEO and Chief Business Officer, Life Sciences Management Consultants
  • Tara Kochis-Stach. President, Slone Partners
  • Arlene Morris. Board Of Directors at MUSC Foundation for Research and Development

This will be a roundtable discussion on topics early-stage companies should keep in mind as they approach facilities to forge a vendor-health system relationship. Panelists share first-hand experiences of lessons learned that shape how they now approach building relationships with stakeholders, presenting a value-proposition, and defining what is critically important to each party.


  • Jesse Goodwin, PhD (Moderator). Chief Innovation Officer, Medical University of South Carolina
  • Lehanne Doyle, MBA, PMP, VP. Client Success, Pieces
  • Lauren Rashford, PT, DPT. Sr. Director of Clinical Operations and Customer Development, Moterum Technologies
  • Esra Roan, PhD. CEO and Co-Founder, SOMAVAC® Medical Solutions
Regina Hampton, MD, FACS. Medical Director and Founder, Breast Care Center at Doctors Community Hospital and board-certified general surgeon who has focused her practice on breast health and breast cancer.
Nikki Jensen, Vice President of Essentially Women, a membership community for women’s health suppliers and mastectomy fitters.  

Breast cancer treatment and care has come a long way in a short amount of time.  It was the 1970’s when Betty Ford first publicly spoke about her own breast cancer diagnosis.  In that time, openly speaking about breast cancer just wasn’t done.  In this closing Keynote session, Dr. Regina Hampton will discuss advances in breast cancer surgeries and treatments and share her experience as the first female breast surgeon at the hospital she worked at following her surgical residency, explaining her approach to treating breast cancer patients.  You’ll also hear about options for women seeking breast replacement and about currently proposed legislation in Congress to allow women better options when it comes to post-mastectomy breast replacement.