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SE SURGE is our invitation only event for higher level dialogue

This event is invitation only for research universities and institutions in the southeast and large life science companies.

The SE SURGE event provides a platform to highlight the research strengths in the region, foster high-level dialogue, and facilitate engagement and partnerships.

What is SE SURGE?

At our inaugural event is 2018, companies were given 30 minutes to present a “reverse pitch” highlighting research needs and business goals, including time for questions and discussion. Subsequently, university attendees will have 5 to 10 minutes to describe their world-class research capabilities in those areas.

Moving forward, companies will present their cases prior to the event by webinar, allowing the universities to tailor their messages to the specific industry needs in advance. Meeting rooms are available for one-on-one discussion during the event. The day culminates with a networking reception.

Who Participates?

Large life science companies and research universities and institutions in the southeast. We encourage a mix of Vice Presidents from R&D and Business Development (Tech Transfer) from the companies and universities. Investors are invited to observe.

“I thought the SURGE event was great. I have made a lot of contacts from the event and we are currently discussing opportunities with several of the schools.”

SE SURGE Attendee