At SEMDA, our industry partners and sponsors are the ones that make it possible to advance our collective mission: accelerating device development and achieve commercial success with access to funding, education, and networking opportunities for medical device companies, inventors, physicians, investors, tech transfer offices, universities, sponsors, and service providers interested in growing the medical device industry in the Southeast.

We know we also have an obligation to provide value to our partners. Courtney Warren, consultant for the Marsh & McLennan Agency shared with us how SEMDA meets that obligation.

Courtney Warren

How does SEMDA drive value for your investment?

“Our mission at Marsh & McLennan Agency (MMA) is to help clients by delivering smarter, local knowledge and world class solutions in employee benefits and risk management. Our partnership with SEMDA allows us to engage with the entire Southeastern medtech and medical device ecosystem. As such, we gain a better understanding of industry issues.  We have the opportunity to give back to the community through leadership, making us better equipped to connect clients with valuable contacts – capital investors, suppliers, or other business partners. SEMDA provides key connections and resources to bring innovation to market.”

What have the results been related to your SEMDA investment?

“SEMDA serves as the central connecting hub for the Southeast medtech community. We have met new companies at SEMDA that are now MMA clients. Through our involvement with SEMDA, we have been able to connect our clients with investors, suppliers, and specialists to help their business succeed.”  

What’s most needed in the Southeast medtech and medical device ecosystem?

“Industry advancement happens in small groups. Beyond the annual conference, we need vehicles that foster more in-depth conversations. Every member of the ecosystem offers a unique perspective, which we would like the opportunity to learn about in order to innovate our business strategy for our clients and the community.  Our work with companies developing medical devices and technologies is enhanced by input from CPAs, legal, and regulatory consultants.

“Knowing the right time to pull each other into the mix is a high-value proposition to ensure the best use of scarce resources. The better we know each other and our unique talents, the faster the right person will come to mind when we need help to advance our business and our clients’ objectives.”

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