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August 18 Southeastern Covid-19 Update

This is the most promising update on Covid in months. From where things stood four weeks ago, the recent changes are remarkable. Cases are dropping, or at least stable, in every state in the southeast and the United States overall. Hospitalizations in the region continue to creep up, but since those lag new cases this isn’t a surprise. In two weeks, I hope to see hospitalizations down.

Speaking of hospitalizations, Alabama continues its very strange patterns on new hospitalizations, but with big a drop the last two weeks instead of a surge. Cases are dropping equally as fast/faster, so that’s more good news!

In the charts below note the changes in cases from Florida and Louisiana, plus the charts on new cases and new deaths in the United States overall. If this trend continues, or even if cases have plateaued, we might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

In other good news, the first three stories posted below provide a promising picture on the current covid situation and optimism for the future.

Covid Numbers for the Week


7-Day Moving Average for Southeastern States
New Cases & New Hospitalizations 

(LA & NC do not report hospitalizations)
North Carolina
South Carolina
Linear Case Growth
United States Daily New Cases
United States Daily New Deaths

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