Southeast Life Science’s flagship event, AdvanSE, is fast approaching; October 27-29, 2021 in Charleston, SC. Every year, it presents a powerful opportunity for life science innovators and entrepreneurs to showcase their companies to an audience of discriminating investors.

The 2021 program is taking shape. Below are the breakout sessions confirmed to date. 

Here to stay: how hybrid engagements accelerate innovation for med affairs and commercial teams. As teams adapt to a post-Covid world, how can virtual engagement increase its value provision to medical affairs and commercial teams further accelerating commercialization? What strategies and tools should leadership of life science companies embrace as a hybrid approach to medical affairs and commercial programs becomes the norm and starts to mature? Sponsored by Write2Market

Diagnostic: Moving to the forefront of Global Healthcare. The COVID virus has demonstrated the incredible power of molecular diagnostics, and global informatics, to track constantly-mutating infectious diseases, and to accelerate development of a new arsenal of vaccines and therapeutics.  This panel will discuss some of the trends, innovators, and future directions for investments that help bring about the long awaited promise of “personalized medicine.”

MRNA: Transformational technology. mRNA has become a widely-known term after Moderna and Pfizer developed vaccines using the technology, but there is much more potential than that. This panel will cover the background on how the vaccines were created so quickly using MRNA and examine the potential of the technology in the future.

FDA update. The pandemic created a situation where the FDA needed to move more quickly than any time in its history. This panel will cover what the FDA did to move quickly on covid-related products, while exploring what long-term changes might result from the successes. Sponsored by MRC Global 

Business Opportunities for Small Companies in Telemedicine. Telemedicine took a dramatic leap forward during the pandemic, going from a tool to an integral part of the entire process. This panel will discuss these changes and the implications for topics such as clinical research, precision medicine, pharmacogenomics, and orphan disease treatment. 

AI and Applications in Life Sciences. The FDA has put out guidance on how to put together change management and specific protocols to help companies using AI. This panel will discuss topics as the next frontier in AI – apps that – and the convergence between industries in healthcare. The panel will also look at the trends in investment – where is money being deployed and what technologies are receiving new investment as a result of covid. 

Judo and Life Science Investing. The Smart Money in Life Science Investing is Smart Everywhere, In Every Phase Including the Supply Chain and Manufacturing. The Pandemic taught us that “just in time” and “lean” processes are easily and thoroughly disrupted when multiple environmental changes take place. How do you reduce that risk? Make sure your team has the right expertise in manufacturing and supply chain then learn to play Judo with suppliers.

Successful Implementation of Remote Working Models. This interactive panel and discussion will cover the increasingly prevalent “virtual” work environment and how it may positively impact life science companies. Leveraging national and international resources is more viable now than ever, and can be a more efficient way to accelerate business growth. We will explore models and implementation strategies for remote and fractional executive management, as well as preclinical and clinical research.

Stay tuned for keynote updates as we confirm them.

Southeast Life mission is to cultivate, convene, and connect the Southeast entrepreneurial ecosystem to foster life science innovation & investment across the region for the greater good. We facilitate connections, conversations and capital investments through continuous networking, education and funding opportunities for life-science innovators of all shapes and sizes.

Note: After careful consideration and consultation with internal and external health and safety experts, Southeast Life Sciences has decided to require all attendees and staff to be fully vaccinated* to attend the event. We determined that the AdvanSE Conference can be the most robust, productive, and interactive conference possible by requiring vaccinations for entry.

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